Get access to qualified go-kart track decision makers from around the globe who want your product.

And up to 18 months of qualified leads who are in buying mode for your products now!

*Limited spaces urgent action required*

Every karting industry supplier secretly desires access to customers at the point when they are ready to buy.

This is easily achieved by partnering with Fastline at a unique event happening in Barcelona in early 2024.

That event is called the Karting Spectacular.

Around the globe, the kart track owners know about this event but the suppliers... Let’s say some are still only just catching up.

The Karting Spectacular is a gathering of track owners from the top 20% of successful tracks around the globe.

They are track owners who invest in themselves, their tracks and their equipment. These owners come together once a year for two days to find out what’s new in the industry and ways to grow their business.

It’s like the famous Glastonbury Music Festival but solely aimed at kart tracks and without the mud. But, more importantly, with you as a headline act.

Since we launched the first Karting Spectacular we have helped industry suppliers like you become the headline act for the industry by breaking into new markets and gaining qualified leads (typically 1-2 leads per month) of prospects that are ready to buy right now.

How did they manage that?

Just by getting involved with the Karting Spectacular.

Hanging out in a plush hotel for a couple of days and tapping into all our resources to boost your sales including things like our global database of over 2,900 customers in 116 different countries.

And, great news, The Karting Spectacular is happening again in a plush hotel in Barcelona Spain on February 6th-8th 2024.

But let’s quickly address your biggest problem

Until now it’s been difficult to get hold of qualified leads and break into international markets.

  • How do you know when they are ready to buy?

  • How do you get hold of the real decision makers, the gatekeepers are always blocking your access?

  • How do you develop a list of international prospects?

As hunters you want to get in front of large packs of your target market so you can be guaranteed the best success rate. 

It’s some horrible game - the dreaded numbers game. 

Yet the serious buyers amongst the large packs are getting as rare to spot as the Loch Ness monster.

And it just got worse!

Because, let’s face it, the IKA trade show in Germany is pretty much dead!

This year they cancelled - six weeks out!!!

The main exhibitors have lost faith and there’s no coming back from that!

Even if there was a slim chance it survives, it’s held in a hard to get to location, in the middle of the German winter, and it’s focused on the kart racing market, essentially bringing in large numbers of people who are not your customers.

IAAPA is not your answer either, it’s very costly to exhibit and your core prospects, go kart track owners don’t really attend in large numbers.

You’re probably getting a feeling right about now, but let me spell it out for you:

There is no global gathering aimed solely at rental kart track owners.

Only there is - remember, it’s been a secret to many suppliers -

Introducing this year’s Fastline Karting Spectacular

A plush location…

A new, efficient, workable format…

All set up to showcase you and your offering at the only globally sector-focussed, rental kart track trade show.

You need to be in Barcelona, Spain with us for a couple of days because there’s loads of networking opportunities, practical educational content for the industry and of course your customers checking out the latest kart kit that they should be stocking from you.

The whole event is designed to get track owners talking with you and developing stronger buying relationships in a relaxed social environment.

And as an added bonus we will provide leads for you from when you sign up until the Spectacular in 2025.


The very nature of the Fastline business means that we are talking to rental kart tracks on a regular basis and because of our independence and valuable educational content we produce, customers from around the globe regularly seek our advice when making big changes like their kart fleet, timing or barrier systems.

And we are happy to introduce them to you, no strings attached.

But Why Simo?

The big boys of the industry like Sodi, SMS and Clubspeed have all the advantages

  • The cash to outspend you on marketing

  • The reach to get customers internationally

  • The awareness in the market to be first choice when looking to upgrade

Seventeen years ago, when I first got into this business I knew nothing about karting, in fact I’d only been karting once and I could not change the oil in my car. Not a good combination!

BUT what I did know lots about is business, and in particular marketing (I had even written a best selling book on the topic)! 

At least I thought I knew marketing. 

Truth is, I have had to relearn everything I thought I knew and then find the angles to marketing in the karting sector.

Hand on heart, it’s been very painful (and costly) at times. But we made it.

You may notice that Fastline does not fit the norm of the typical go kart supplier.

We do things differently, very differently.

We’ve made it a relationship business, building strong relationships with our top customers, and this has enabled us to grow a multi million pound global business, just selling kart parts.

One major thing I have realised is working with other industry suppliers and adding value to your customers (and prospects) delivers unbelievable results and means you avoid the pain of marketing I went through for 17 years.

It’s why I am reaching out to you today.


I want you to reap the rewards from our hard work.

Now, rather than see you spend tens of thousands every year for 17 years while you try and figure out the path to where your customers are hiding - We’ve done it for you.


The Karting Spectacular forms the foundation for solid business in the coming year ahead.

We’ve even done all the hard work for you.

  • Organised the perfect venue to do business

  • Get the room filled (though this works even better with a little help from you)

  • Position you as the go-to supplier to boost your sales results

  • Introduce you to a list of international decision makers

  • Provide you with qualified leads that are ready to buy for the next 18 months.*

All you need to do is:

  • Before the Spectacular spend half a day over two sessions with a guy called Ed and myself so we can get under the skin of your business and really make sure we position you to get great results

  • Tell your customers about this great event (adding value to your customers, plus they’ll be great testimonials for you and we will help you with the marketing)

  • And then show up to form new friendships in the karting sector

That’s right, you’ll meet with the kart track decision-makers who want your products and are ready to spend. 

We will be spending two days talking about how kart track owners can grow their businesses, what kit they need to be getting into stock, with feedback on their supplier problems and develop ways to overcome them and of course lots of networking.

You’ll have the opportunity to share your offering and how it fits into that picture and helps them, while we make a ‘pincer movement’ to position you for the sale.

 Then during the networking sessions over some food and drinks you get to keep talking directly with the decision-makers. 

Best of all we have extended all the break times and included more activities so there is even more time for networking and getting in front of new prospects.

It’s a formula that works well for a few reasons;

  • Undivided attention from the decision-makers 

  • Customers with funds available so price is less of an issue 

  • A chance to really help your customer understand why they should choose you above the rest 

  • The right environment for people to buy from you

  • Meet other suppliers which will help you grow in foreign markets.

The results from this are awesome and you can start to get returns before the event even starts from our qualified leads.

But let’s just mention the legacy of sponsoring the Karting Spectacular.

Within two months of the first Karting Spectacular, one new customer placed an order which was 5 times larger than our average order value. And over the following first year of buying from us, they spent a figure which is double our average customer value even though they were shut for four months because of COVID.

This wasn’t some isolated case.

Across the board, we grew sales by an average of 479% from people in the room over the first 12 months, and that was in 2020!

The prize waiting for you here is awesome, access to some of the top 20% of global decision makers, the ability to develop deeper relationships with them and highly qualified leads for the next 18 months from my sales team.

But don’t just take my word for it here is what a couple of past sponsors haven said

“Tony Kart had the privilege of being part of the Karting Spectacular by Fastline. Let me tell you, it was a great start to 2023.

We had the opportunity to meet numerous track owners and engage in meaningful conversations that we would never have had at traditional trade shows. The connections we made were invaluable, leading to exciting prospects and potential deals.

In fact, Fastline’s CEO, Simo, and his team went above and beyond by providing us with several high-quality leads. These leads have opened doors for us, and we are currently in negotiations for significant fleet opportunities across the world. This is a testament to the effectiveness and credibility of Fastline’s network for kart businesses.

Given our outstanding experience, I can confidently say that Tony Kart will be returning next year to continue benefiting from Fastline’s exceptional services. Their ability to generate leads, facilitate meaningful conversations, and help close deals is unparalleled.

If you’re looking to expand your business, forge valuable connections, and close significant deals, I wholeheartedly recommend the Karting Spectacular. It is the catalyst that can propel your success to new heights. Thank you, Fastline!”

Max Bladon, Tony Kart

Jan Barrabeig, BRB Karts

“BRB Karts has been involved with every Karting Spectacular since they started....Why?.... We’ve received great international exposure. Got some great leads, one of which resulted in a sale to Australia, our first sales outside Spain.

And we also gained access to the North American market. All because of the Karting Spectacular!”

“I’ve been part of every Karting Spectacular and it’s been fantastic! I get access to international track owners that I never would have met, I get a steady flow of leads and they helped me move outside of Europe with an installation in India.”

Henrik Nilsson, Mega Timing

Stop wasting time and “scatter-gun” marketing efforts on tracks who can’t afford you - come to the Spectacular as a sponsor instead and:

  • Remove the guesswork

  • Break into new markets

  • Forge the best relationships with your customers

  • Join in with the top 20% of the market

  • And gain qualified leads for up to 18 months*

So I guess at this point, there are three options in front of you:

Option 1: You can pretend you never read this letter and keep doing what you have alwalys done. We both know this will bring the same results you have always got.

Option 2: You can reinvent the wheel slog it out for 17 years and learn it like I have done. Just be prepared to spend months going down rabbit holes filled with trial and error and dead ends.


Option 3: Take the opportunity to join us in Barcelona and strike while the iron is hot!

Which will it be?