Want £250k of extra revenue each year, with customers flowing through your venue, whilst profitably providing the best customer experience, delivering you more free time and the money to embrace the lifestyle you’ve always desired?

*Limited spaces urgent action required*

The biggest business growth and social event in the karting track owners calendar is happening soon and you’ll love it as it will wildly boost your profits.

It’s perfectly timed for you to get involved…

In case you’re not already in the know, the Fastline Karting Spectacular is the industry’s best kept secret, it’s a gathering of some of the top 20% of kart track owners around the planet who come together once a year for 2-3 days to find out what’s new in the industry and ways to grow their business.

Since we launched the first Spectacular back in 2020 the ideas shared have helped several tracks generate an extra 6-7 figures of revenue and build a global network of track owners that they can bounce future ideas off.

You can do the same.

But there’s a problem

When you first started your business you had grand ideas for the business, providing you with the funds and free time you wanted to live the lifestyle you desired.

But instead you’ve created a monster and become a slave to your business, wondering about things like:

  • How do I get more customers?

  • Bloody staff, the turnover of staff is high, there’s no reliable person I can leave in charge and most of the time they don’t know what to do and are not engaged

  • Where do I find a decent mechanic who knows what they are doing?

  • Why can’t I take any time off now that I’ve got staff?

And it doesn’t stop there. 

There’s the emergence of large multi venue kart tracks like K1 Speed, Teamsport, and the multi activity centres competing fiercely for your customers.

Then there’s nowhere to find out what’s new in the industry, the IKA show in Dortmund was great but it’s on life support, it was cancelled last year from lack of support from exhibitors and as I hear this hasn’t changed so I can’t see the IKA happening next year.

Kart track ownership has never felt more lonely and tougher to get working for you rather than against your goals. 

In short... 

You’d be  crazy  to run a go kart track!

Well my crazy friend, I wish you a warm welcome, from one kindred karting spirit to another.

Want to come and  join the other 49 ‘crazy’ people that’ll be hanging out with us for a beer in Barcelona where we’ll:

  • Talk through some killer growth strategies for your track that could add up to £250k to your revenue each year.

  • Reveal the key numbers you need to understand  that will have the biggest impact on your business.

  • Have a look at some cool marketing ideas that are producing results for tracks around the globe.

  • Deal with those bloody staff issues

  • We’ll even tackle your time management

  • Check out some really cool new kit, parts and ideas

  • Hang out at the global karting awards dinner aimed purely at the rental kart market

  • Have a few beers with your fellow kart track owners from around the globe and find out what’s working for them

  • Crown the fastest track owner on the planet

OK, you’ve probably already guessed what I’m talking about, but let me confirm it for you,

The Karting Spectacular is back!!!

THE biggest business growth and social event in the kart track owners’ calendar that effortlessly guides you to wildly boost your profits.

Mark the dates in your calendar, 6th – 8th February 2024 in Barcelona, Spain.

I’m personally guaranteeing that this is the event you need to be at.  

During our time together you’ll discover ways to boost your profits, develop a more consistent footfall of customers, understand the key numbers that drive your business, get a grasp on time management, discover tactics to deal with your staff so that they remain loyal to you and discover where the market is heading before anyone else does. 

Imagine a room full of people who ‘get your world’ and are sharing just how they get huge results from their tracks. Best of all, they want you to join in and grow your business too. 

And I know you’ll get a load of benefit from this…. 

You’ll get actionable tactics and strategies which will help you achieve the growth you want for your business.

Then in the evenings you’ll network with like minded kart track owners from around the globe who get your world.

Why am I doing this?

Because of Mike and Jason, they are clients of mine and each runs their own kart track.

Mike is continuously struggling. 

Struggling with money, struggling to get enough customers through the doors and time away from the track is a luxury he thinks he can’t afford. 

Whenever we chat there is always another personnel crisis, which he spends more time moaning about than trying to find the solution to. He is still driving the same rusted out Ford Fiesta he had when we first met 14 years ago.

Then there’s Jason, he’s living the life of Riley. 

Every couple of months he’s off in Spain or Portugal for a week of cycling or golf, works from home and is rarely down at the track. He focuses on two main marketing pillars that keeps his track dam near capacity all year round and whenever I visit his track he’s sporting a new luxury motor.

How’s this possible?

How is it that some struggle in a world of overwhelm not daring to stay away from the track for more than a day or two because it might crumble, while others are rarely down the track and holiday every other month with their business ticking away smoothly.

If you are one of those tracks struggling to get away for a day or four, and you’re wanting to take small steps to achieve big things this year, then this event is definitely for you!

We’re going to get you out of that overwhelm and in a place of calm, which is easier now you’ll be on a beach every month, by showing you exactly how the top tracks nail these things and then show you how you can do the same too.

It’s all happening at the Fastline Karting Spectacular.

“I implemented just one idea from the first Karting Spectacular and have been fully booked ever since. It even helped me generate revenue when we were in lock down.”

Giles, Lakeside and Brentwood Karting - England

Here’s what’s included

  • The kart race to end all kart races. We’re racing at a local kart track to find out exactly who the fastest kart track owner on the planet is and bag the bragging rights for a whole year along with lunch and a few beverages.

  • In the afternoon we will head back to the hotel and start the main event full of actionable tactics which will see your revenue soar.

  • An ice breaker networking party where you can catch up with old friends and meet new ones. We will also crown the fastest kart track owner on the planet while you network with other track owners.

  • The next day you go in depth with the presentations and Q&A sessions. That’s right, a full day with leading industry experts and like minded individuals working on your problems and giving you great solutions. I’ll even throw in teas, coffee and lunch!  With loads of time for networking with fellow track owners and the speakers in between sessions.

  • The big Wednesday night go karting awards evening. It’s a networking dinner where you get to salute and learn from the best in the industry. That’s right there are six awards to be won in the world rental karting awards evening. It promises to be a fun evening of celebrations around everything that is rental karting. This is sure to be a great talking point when you get into more networking throughout the evening.

  • The following day there’s an optional kart testing day at a local track where you can get behind the wheel of our sponsors’ products and see how they really handle.

  • Introductions to key industry suppliers. Discover what’s emerging in the industry and find out about the new products about to hit the market.

    Interpretation services for Swedish and Spanish clients (we are also working on live presentation translations for our Spanish guests).

  • Access to top-rated accommodation with an exclusive deal. We are calling it the Triple B Rated Accommodation Deal. Yes, we have secured a deal for Bed, Breakfast and a Beer each day, at the same venue as the event

  • Loads of time for networking, we have extended the breaks and social activities so you can mingle with like minded track owners from around the globe and build your network.

You are guaranteed to walk away from this event with some quick wins that will grow your business in 2024 and some smart strategies for the long term too.

Your rewards for attending are massive.  

Not only will you get more customers and a more profitable business, but we will show you how to get more time back in your diary which you can spend with your family, friends or even take a well deserved holiday. The success you can achieve if you implement just a few of our suggestions will make you the envy of other kart track owners. 

“We went about implementing a couple of ideas we got from the spectacular in February this year and by April we started seeing the results, we had surpassed last April’s revenue in 16 days and each month since we are 45-50% up on last year’s figures. Attending the Karting Spectacular was a real game changer for us.”

Harry Ashman, South West Karting , UK

The crack team of industry experts we have put together have more than 179 years of industry experience amongst them. They have worked with and helped some of the biggest names in the industry grow their businesses.  

Fastline has helped hundreds of track owners across the globe grow their business and achieve their goals. We have a clear purpose of helping each and every customer grow their business and develop a more professional industry. 

The Fastline Karting Specular is not for everyone; it is a limited offer only open to the people who are serious about growing their business, we are talking about the top 20% of kart tracks globally (or if you aspire to be among this elite top 20%). Attend and you can expect to: 

  • get a number of actionable tactics that will grow your revenue.

  • Generate a more consistent footfall of traffic

  • Tackle staff management issues and grow their retention rates

  • Understand your key numbers that will help you grow your business

  • Tackle your time management problems

  • Build a powerful network

Building a strong network and sharing knowledge can only lead to one thing. More successful tracks and a stronger industry.

Don’t just take my word for it here’s what others had to say about the Spectacular.

“I was already doing some of the right stuff but having your peer group around you saying you’re absolutely on the right track allows you to go faster, quicker and therefore get the results that you are looking for with near certainty”

Aaron Thompson, Mega Fast Karts, Australia

“The networking has been just as good as the overall presentations”

Peter Doherty, Inverness Kart Raceway, UK

“Learning about a lot of new suppliers and opportunities out there that will expand what we are trying to do”

Jordan Munsters, High Caliber Karting & Entertainment, USA

How much would you expect to pay for this event? 

Similar events run for £1,500+ but we don’t want to make money from this event we want to help you grow a more profitable business and improve the karting industry.

You will;

  • Face off and race to find out who the fastest kart track owner on the planet is

  • Get Lunch on Tuesday

  • Network with other track owners on the Tuesday night Ice Breaker Party

  • Hear presentations from industry professionals which will help you grow your business and get the best use from the latest tech.

  • Get Lunch on the Wednesday

  • Access industry leaders and like minded track owners to solve your problems

  • Attend exclusive networking dinner on the Wednesday night

  • Be invited to the International Karting Awards of Excellence after the dinner on Wednesday.

  • Access to the optional kart testing day on the Thursday

  • Get Spanish and Swedish translation services

  • Access to reduced accommodation rates with our Triple B rated package included; that’s right you will get Beer, Bed and Breakfast if you book with us.

So what’s it going to cost you? £599 (+ VAT) that’s all, not a penny more.

Where is this all happening?

AC Hotels Marriott Sant Cugat



When’s it happening?

09.00 - Tuesday 6th February Fastline Fastest Kart Track owner

14.00 - Tuesday 6th February Fastline Karting Spectacular

20.30 - Tuesday 6th February Fastline Ice Breaker Party

09.00 - Wednesday 7th February Fastline Karting Spectacular

20.00 - Wednesday 7th February Fastline Networking Dinner and Rental Karting Awards

10.30 - Thursday 8th February optional kart testing day

Plaça de Xavier Cugat, 08174, Barcelona, Spain


  If you secure your place right now, you will get

Bonus #1 expires in

Bonus #1 

Get your skates on and register and pay before Midnight 12th of September 2023  and I’ll give you one quarter of your money back to spend on kart parts in our Fastline store. That’s right you will pay £599 and you qualify for £149.50 worth of parts to spend on whatever parts you like in our store (worth over £1,500).

Bonus #2 

Be amongst the first 10 people to register and pay and you will qualify for a personal one hour session with Simon Heap CEO of Fastline and Ed Pearson the world leading kart track owners coach, working on specific problems in your business (worth over £750).  

Bonus #3  

Receive a free show bag of karting goodies (worth over £213)

Bonus #4

Exclusive invite to a secret monthly online meeting where we’ll assist you in successfully implementing your plans from this event. That’s right we are committing to help you see your plans through (worth £300 pm).  

Bonus #5

We have secured an exclusive hotel room rate of £130 single per night and £145 double occupancy which come with our unique “Triple B Rated Offer”. Triple B is Beer, Bed and Breakfast. A beer each day, on us, but act fast these will disappear quickly.

Bonus #6

The secret bonus which will be revealed when you purchase your ticket online.

There is only space for 50 people, so you need to act quickly before the room fills up!

I’m so confident that you’ll 10x the cost of attending this event from the strategies we’re sharing, that I’ll make you a guarantee. If you don’t make ten times your ticket, accommodation, airfare and drinks bill in revenue from the things you’ll learn (and apply) in Barcelona, that Ed & I will work with you one on one until you do.

If you bring along another staff member their costs will also be included in this guarantee!